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DN - brand was originated in UK and introduced in 2003 enjoyed the fame of "Furniture Capital of the World" Foshan City,China,after more than a decade of precipitation design, development, sales and service,DN become one of the concept of the brand. 

Cohen - DN brand sofa,chair,trunk,wine cabinet,and other leather products are all derived from workshop of traditional Italian leather craftsmanship in 1886. The Chief designer has rich experience in a famous British company with more than seven years experience.Adhering to the European and American classical Antique style for the wizard, it’s continuously improving, developing and innovating, and eventually in 2015 with a new brand Danni ,which carrying its full leather sofa, chair, wine cabinet and other products appeared in China market.With profound cultural heritage and superb workmanship, the products fit in with personal ergonomic design,comfortable feeling of sitting and the characteristics of the natural environment and win the domestic market and love.

DN brand leather products,100% leather manufactured,through the traditional exquisite craft carving hammer,all products reveal their traditional retro features. Colors like poetry picturesque,endowing people elegant taste and boundless imagination. Leather wear,significantly longer than its paint with brilliant eyes,lasting for years, filling the user that gritty,stormy,courageously forward and succeed demeanor.

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